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Initiated by SJTU and jointly launched by Peking University, SARFT Academy of Broadcasting Science, SARFT Academy of Broadcasting Planning, CCTV, Radio and Television Shanghai, CAS Institute of Acoustic, CAS Institute of Computing Technology, NERC-DTV, Huawei and Baidu, Cooperative Medianet Innovation Center (CMIC) is the only identified cooperative innovation center in digital media field in China.

Along with the extension of research outputs of CMIC, technologies such as Ultra HD and Holographic Surround Sound will be used in households to deliver more interactive services. A variety of smart devices can be connected to each other seamlessly through a ubiquitous network and provide a flexible users experience. Benefiting from the reform of cooperative innovation institution, technologies developed by CMIC as well as the innovation system will explore a new way for the transformation and development of information industry, power the constant proliferation of information consumption and provide new services for the prosperity of cultural industry.

So far,CMIC has gained a serious of achievements. It accelerates the nationwide deployment of a dual national standards solution composed of DTMB Terrestrial Broadcast and AVS Audiovisual Encoding. The development of next-generation digital television system is principally accomplished. The main production of this system has been accepted by American next-generation digital television system as a standard recommendation and it is the first time for China to make its independent core technology get into the standardization system of the United States.