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ATSC 3.0 Plugfest Held in Shanghai

SJTU CMIC and National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television (NERCDTV) held an ATSC 3.0 Plugfest to help determining parameters for developing new technology for the emerging next-gen broadcast standard on 22-23 October, 2015.

A variety of research institutes, companies and operators gathered at the plugfest, such as America’s NAB, FOX, ABC, IEEE, Harris, Qualcomm, Dolby, Ericsson and Zenith; Canada’s CRC, South Korea’s Samsung, LG and ETRI; Japan’s NHK and Sony; France’s Teamcast and Enensys and China’s CCTV, SMG, TCL, Hisense, Haier, ChangHong, Konka and so on.

The event also included an ATSC 3.0 Boot -camp held at Shanghai’s International Convention Center, which updated attendees on ATSC 3.0’s progress and potential for delivering a high quality television experience. The day-long conference featured keynotes on various aspects of ATSC 3.0 from a number of individuals working closely with the project and attracted more than 150 individuals from some 10 nations.